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Jan 26, 2006
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I'm currently working on a garage addition and my customer has an old school Austin Healey that stays in the garage. Since we do a lot of work for his company, my boss offered to store the car at his house during the project, and he accepted. So, the other night he brought the car over to the boss's house, maybe a 15 min drive. As soon as the car was parked it spit out at least 4 oz of coolant and was already dripping oil. While I put some rubber and cardboard down to contain the mess I was checking out what I could on the underside of the car only to see the oil pan with a nice glaze of oil covering it. According to the guy it took two years for the shop to restore the car. He said they removed every last bolt from the car to paint and replaced everything that needed replacing. The car looks brand new and even sounds healthy. I just couldn't get over how much that thing leaked especially for how much work is in the car. Between the labor and the price of English parts, the restore was definately not cheap. I've heard leaks like these are common in English roadsters from that era, but I've never had any close encounters with any. I couldn't help but smile and apreciate my car that much more.

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