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    Jun 15, 2013
    So I have the itch for a bit of boost on my car and am in the process of some research and planning. I'm looking for some informational input on the direction Im planning to go with my car. Thus far the motor consists of:

    - Stock 94 short block (I know pistons will be a limiting factor in this particular motor)
    - GT40P Heads w/ TFS springs
    - P Headers
    - Edelbrock intake
    - 1.7 FRPP RR's
    - ARP bolts (not studs) at this time
    - Fel Pro 9333's

    Tranny is an auto, Trans Go shift kit, stock converter.

    My plans are to be a low boost set up running about 8 pounds. My thoughts and parts selection to this point are:

    - Holset HX-40 (T4 hot side, 7 blade cold side)
    - Turbonetics Deltagate WG (ran this on my Typhoon at 25psi, very stable and very happy with it)
    - Either Ford Racing 60 or 80 lb injectors (I'll explain shortly)
    - Aeromotive 340 Fuel Pump
    - Pro-M 3" Slot Style blow through tube
    - A professional tune

    I know there are ancillary items as well but wanted input on the big stuff. My plan at this point is to do a non-intercooled configuration and run the car on E85 (hence the rather large injectors). Im looking for input on the seemingly simple insanity here. I have come across a number of turbo cars with no intercooler running E85 fuel injected, low boost with no drivability issues thought I guess I'm again just looking for some informed input on this configuration.

    Exhaust will be 3.5" into a modified x-pipe (seems simple to me), and I'm going to keep the MAC exhaust but dump the mufflers for something more turbo friendly. Or maybe just dump it out the front bumper for S's and G's like all the cool fast cars do :grin:.

    Any input is appreciated!
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    Feb 10, 2014
    Sounds doable to me. Especially with a big stuff for injection. Only downside will be fuel range may be limited ran into this with our racecar. But It should definatly work. What are you going to do for trans for computer? Also a convertor would help you alot and possibly a boost friendly cam.

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    do it...

    you want to be intercooled though. And the On3 kits arent a bad starting point.