F150 Cranks but won't fire

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    I had my first issue with my truck last week.
    came home from the canyons on a friday and saturday morning the truck cranked over, but wouldn't start.

    My truck is the 2013 raptor, but from what I gathered it's the same for all F150's from 2004-2014.
    I couldn't find much info on this issue for Raptors or newer F150's in general, so I figured I'd post up this info:

    So for those looking, if your truck cranks but won't fire, its most likely not getting fuel.
    Checking around, this seems to be a fairly common problem on F150's, so if your headed out on a long trip, it might be a good idea to have a spare FPCM in case yous goes out. I had no warning. I'm at 54,000 miles. part costs $23.

    There's basically 4 things to check if this happens:
    1- Fuse in front dist box under the hood - Fuel pump relay power (Fuse 27)
    2- Fuel pump Relay (R7)
    3- Fuel pump control module
    4- Fuel pump itself, in the tank.
    it's also possible that your fuel filter is completely plugged, but I didn't really look into that.

    I also found out: it's normal for your truck to continue to crank after you let off the key for 7 seconds, if it doesn't start. When starting your truck, you can just bump the key, it holds the crank until it fires or for 7 sec...

    Troubleshooting tips:
    1- Fuse - pull and stare

    2- Relay - have someone turn key while you're pinching the relay, you will feel it click. if no click, try swapping with another and see if the other one works.

    3- FPCM - have someone turn the key while you're down under the truck. you will hear the pump prime for 2 sec.
    To change: Lower spare tire, it is mounted to the sub-frame above spare (pic below)
    all you need to do this is a 10 mm wrench/socket. I also removed the ground wire next to it, scraped the frame where it made contact and re-tightened it.

    After I changed out the module on mine, tuned the key to on, heard the prime.... then it fired right up!

    4- Pump - if you know it's getting power, and the FPCM is working, your pump is probably bad, you'll have to drop the tank, R & R.