For Sale Great Xmas gifts for the women!

Discussion in 'General Items' started by chris91, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Bought this for the wifey a couple years ago and she has only worn it a handful of times and has come to the conclusion she doesnt like it. Its a Wilson's Leather Hooded Coat with a Belt. Medium in size and in PERFECT condition. Genuine Leather with faux fur lining. Was $500 new, will take $200 obo for it + Shipping.



    Also have a Wilsons Leather Polyester Coat(Looks like Suede) with Fox Fur Collar and Faux Fur Lining did have a belt but its lost. Size Large but fits like a Medium and is in great shape. Dont have pics of it as its at the cleaners. Should have some for it tomorrow. Was $200 new, will take $100 obo plus Shipping.

    Will cut a deal if both are purchased at the same time. Will do trades on ??? The wife said the money from these can go to car parts since I bought her a new Leather!!! WOOHOO!!! HAHAHA