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    Jul 14, 2006
    HELP!my car is cursed 1 problem after another, k i recentley found that my spark plug wire on my 7th cylinder was sittign on my header and burnt through the wire to the plug, so i replaced it and it keeps falling offthe spark plug! help! has any 1 had this problem, i dont understand i ask people and they dont kno, i keep driving the car and soon as u park it and pop the hood the spark plug wire is either off all the way or coming off it wont stay on and this is my like 4th wire!! damit!! is it a spark plug problem ? like do i have to replace my spark plug, because it has to be that,i mean this is my 4 th wire it cant be the spark plug wire

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    Take a pair of pliers and squeeze the little snap part inside the plug wire. It will make it fit tighter to the plug.
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    Squeeze the whole boot. you dont need to get inside of it to close in the clasp. Take your pliers, grab the outside of the boot right where the clasp is and sqeeze it a tad bit.
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    Jul 9, 2006
    Try changing the plug. But before you install the new plug ,take the wire off and see how well they are fitting together.

    Its obviously not the wire,if you have used more than 48,000 of them bitches !