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Discussion in '94-04 - V6 Specific' started by Spades97v6, May 9, 2007.

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    May 9, 2007
    Hey everyone I am new to this site. I drive a 97v6 mustang with 120k miles on it and the only thing i have done to my car are my dual exhausts(flowmasters) and tires(Michelin Hydro edge) and (kyb) shocks and struts. Ya not much as u can see. I had to make quite a few repairs and a few more left, but im almost there. I could of had so much more done to my car, but o well. Well to get to the point.... I need to know what mods I should do to my car. I am kinda broke rite now but i am saving up money. If i can get up to 250 hp that would b great. After my repairs i was thinking of getting an intake, headers, pullies. Well ya its obvious to get all 3 of those mods, but should I get anything else b4 those 3 things or do those first or what. I kinda wanna get the cheapest mods first. Or should i get my engine bored out or what? Orginally i was gonna do an engine swap but that is too much money and too much trouble, so im jus gonna fix it up the way it is.

    Well, jus lemme know what u guys think. By the way I think this site was an awesome idea.

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    First of all welcome. To get to the 250hp mark (i'm assuming you mean "rwhp") your gonna need a poweradder. Turbo, s/c, nitrous...
  3. Other then Nitrous... Gears are biggest bang for your buck...

    Running 250hp you will want to beef up the stock rear, or better yet, get a 8.8 out of a GT...

    If its an auto, you may want to beef that up as well... for one, a tranny fluid cooler is a good idea...
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    Aug 20, 2006
    You have a few options for at least 250rwhp.

    1) You can get that power N/A but you will have to spend a few thousand at a place like www.supersixmotorsports.com. Basically you'll be building a whole new engine.

    2) Spend 1-3k for some kind of blower setup. M90 Swap (cheapest but may not get you 250 if you do the bare minimum work), Vortech, Procharger, Powerdyne, or Turbo

    3) Spend under 1k for a nitrous setup.

    Options 2-3 and can be risky on the stock block, but it can and has been done with good results.