New Gears installed! 3.55s. New mechanic!


Oct 15, 2012
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Shaolin, NY
So I've been waiting to get my 3.55s put in. Finally got recommended to a guy to do my gears. Talked to him on the phone, sounded legit and overall an honest dude. Went in person and had him drive it, turns out previous doucheface mechanic completely screwed up my 4.10s. Told him all the shady shit the other guy pulled and what not. He said don't worry the new gears will get done and be perfect. Well shit he was right, got there later today and took it for a ride.. No whine, no clunking no nothing! I actually have a useable first gear now! He than told me the moron who did the 4.10s set the preload completely wrong and was off by a huge amount. Oh and he shimmed one side of the rear tightly, other side nothing was there. Guy told me he went to use the pry bar to pull the carrier out.. and he was able to pull it out with his hands!! So that was the clanking noise I'd hear whenever I clutch in and shift.. what a stupid ****, never want to see his face again.. Anyways.. Had him check the clutch, cable and other misc stuff. Everything was good, clutch was adjusted fine, cable is fine etc. Only thing he didn't like too much was the stiffness of shifting thru the gears, maybe its because the tranny is new and its just tight. He said it could be the synchros and to call up the trans place and let them know. So if it doesn't loosen up soon, I'll see if they'll send the parts and hopefully cover the labor to fix it. Honestly its so much more street friendly now. 1st gear lasts up to 13-15 mph, i can cruise at 50 mph in 4th around 2600.. This morning with the 4.10s I was at 3200+ rpms in 5th gear at 50 mph.. No need for 5th on the highway unless its 60+. It still pulls nicely, not as hard as the 4.10s but I still was able to spin the tires halfway thru first, chirp 2nd and spin in 2nd until I let off lol. Okay I'm going off topic but I'm just ecstatic I found someone who knows what they're doing, don't get that can I trust this guy feeling, and my problems are fixed! Oh and he didn't brake any abs sensors either. Told him the other guy did. He said wanna know how? He didn't bother to unbolt the sensors when he pulled the axles, he just yanked the axles or pushed them in hard when he was done and shattered the sensor lol. To end this.. Anyone on the fence on gears for their 94-95 5.0, automatic get 4.10s (been there done that). 5 speeds 3.55s are a great gear, very easy to drive around now, still pulls, highway rpms aren't bad at all, great for daily driven stangs. 3.73s if its a weekend car IMO.

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