New Iron Remover from C.A.R. Products

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    Check out this new product from C.A.R. Products.
    MELT FERROUS METAL REMOVER dissolves ferrous metals that contain iron from car paint, wheels, glass, chrome and aluminum.

    Removing these ferrous metals will slow the corrosion process.

    Ferrous metals get into places that ordinary washing and claying cannot get to.

    Melt will turn purple indicating ferrous metal contamination and react with these metals to form a compound that easily rinses away.

    Brake dust from wheels is easily removed as it contains high levels of iron.

    1. Except for wheels wash surface first before applying.
    2. Spray on and wait 3-4 minutes. If metals are present then Melt will turn purple.
    3. Rub in or scrub surface if necessary.
    4. Rinse well with water.

    Checkout the video of Melt in action on my Rag Shack website. This stuff is awesome, been using it quite a bit!