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Nov 30, 2020
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Gilbert, Arizona
Hello. New to the forum. I have had a 1994 mustang GT for about a year. Building it into a street/strip car. I have the chassis completely redone. New control arms front and back, new shocks, quad shocks, struts, new rack and pinion and tie rod ends and ball joint. New bearing in the axles and the hubs, Power stop drilled and slotted rotors and pads. Trac-lock rebuilt with 3.73's. Fresh T5 with the carbon synchro's and all load bearings replaced and a new slip yoke and bushing. Currently having the 302 stroked to a 331 and been waiting about a month still got quite a bit of lead time on that. Engine build: edelbrock performer heads, trickflow track heat intake, heads and intake portmatched. Trickflow track max cam. 24# injectors, bbk adjustable fuel pressure regulator, bbk 75mm throttle body, bbk 76mm maf for 24# injectors, ford racing shorty headers, bbk OR x-pipe, Flowmaster super 40's, no smog pump, no egr, no thermactor/thermistor or any of the asoociated electonics and vacuum lines. The rotating assembly will be a scat with flat top hyper pistons. New stock replacement cooling fan, mishimoto aluminum 3 core radiator, dakota digital fan controller. Right now I am currently freshening up the engine bay and the interior while I wait for the machine shop. I completely rewrapped the engine wire harness and soldered any cracks or shorts and replaced the bad radiator fan plug that burned up on me. In the interior I have done rear seat delete, hurst short throw with chrome stick and white ball, reupholstered the front seats with the tmi kit in black/charcoal cloth. Installed a harness bar and 4 point harnesses and removed the saggy factory seat belts that no longer would catch or lock. I am stuck on the steering set up right now, but I will post that to a new thread. My goal is to have the engine in and running by my birthday in March. My paint and body and interior panels are all in great shape for being a 94, but plan to go to the cobra r hood, cobra front bumper cover, and saleen spoiler in a couple years to really finish the car off.

I have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into building this thing into my dream car. I am in an arms race with an old USMC buddy of mine. He is restoring his car from high school '94 z28. He still has his original one from when he was 16, he left it in his parents yard in New Mexico where it stayed for 12 years. I finally found a nicer desert car after years of searching in Phoenix. The car is in good shape, paint isn't peeling interior is perfect with no cracks, but the desert definitely took its toll on the chassis. There was so much slop in the steering and the rear end it was down right scary to drive. It had a mildly built 302 ported explorer gt40p intake, ported gt40p heads with trick flow springs and cam made decent power, but the stock 3.08 gears and sloppy suspension it was still a dog. Anyways, back in AUG when it was around 110-115 the fan plug burned up on me while I was about 20 miles from home and fried the fan and the stock electronics. The car was boiling by them time I got it home and parked. The stock cooling system was toast, and the 302 w/ 104k miles was tired as hell so I decided to finally pull the motor and get after the rebuild.

I read this forum a lot to find answers to some stuff when I am stumped and its been a life saver. I finally decided to make an account. I will post some of the many pictures of the process along the way when I get around to making write up of things I have done that I haven't already seen answered in the forum. Thanks for reading, and I'm glad to be part of the community!
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