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May 25, 2022
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I can't remember my password for my old account (mobileaudio219) and no longer have access to the email I registered it under, so I guess I'll just start over. I'm Justin, from the east central area of Missouri. I been around here since 08ish, and have been around mustangs since the early 2000's. I've owned a ton of foxbodies, and handful of sn95's. I had been without a mustang for about 2 years, but recently just bought a 98 GT that had a blown motor, so I figured I would start a build thread on that.

Hoping to get it up and running pretty quickly. The car currently has high flow cats with divorced duals and flowmaster knock offs. It also has 3:73 gears a short throw shifter (woohoo, we have ourselves a race car.) The car is getting pi swapped ('10 crown vic motor), and will probably spray it with a 125ish shot. It's mostly going to be my daily, but it'll probably see the track a few times a year.

I have a 90 c1500 reg cab with a step side bed that is my track toy. It has a 6.0 ls with 862 heads and a ss2 cam, long tubes, full exhaust, built th400 with rvmb and trans brake and stall. The motor has the rings gapped and it's ready for a whole lot boast. I'll start a build thread here in a bit.

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