Selling my '01 Cobra


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May 11, 2022
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Greater Seattle area
It is with a heavy heart that due to an unforeseen financial situation I’m currently in, I need to sell my ’01 Cobra, number 3501 of 3867 coupes in ’01, 4.6, 4-valve, 5 speed manual transmission, also has really good "all season" tires. It’s a great car and I’d love nothing more than to keep it, but it wasn’t meant to be. The car currently has 71k miles and was dyno’d by the previous owner with 311 rwhp and 315 ftlb torque.

I'm hoping to get $17k OBO. The car has a clean title and as far as I know has not been in an accident. I'm located in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area.

Below is a list of parts/modifications done prior to me buying the car (I have copies of receipts/packing slips from the previous owner for most of the parts listed):

Steeda Underdrive Crank Harmonic Balancer
OPR front sway bar to frame bushings
BBK twin 65mm throttle body
Steeda offset steering rack bushings
Ford performance 3.73 ring and pinion gears set and installation kit
Power Stop Z23 Evolution sprot brake rotor & pad kit, front and rear
BBK catted H-pipe
BBK 1 5/8” long tube ceramic headers
Axial black stock replacement headlights
Eibach Pro-Kit springs
SR Performance poly spring isolator bushings
SR Performance Caster camber plates
Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner w/ 2 custom tunes
Bullitt style pedal covers
Aluminum driveshaft
JLT intake

Below is a list of parts/modifications I’ve done since I bought the car (I have copies of receipts/packing slips for most, if not all, of the parts listed):

FTB (Full Tilt Boogie) complete IRS bushing kit with Delrin isolated rear differential lowering mount
FTB Milled Ford racing reinforced rear diff cover
FTB deluxe bumpsteer/toe link kit
FTB adjustable sway bar end links
FTB IRS eccentric camber adjusting bolt
FTB Cross axis joint boots
FTB IRS rear subframe low profile hex bolt kit
Holley/FlowMaster DBX mufflers
Koni Sport single adjustable shocks, front and rear
BBK subframe connectors
Stifflers stiffening/jacking rails
Steeda 3 point strut tower brace
Had to switch to a stock intake tube to accommodate the strut tower brace
I replaced the taillights with non-Cobra style taillights but have the original “export” taillights with the amber turn singles, done to preserve the factory taillights
Axial Projector Headlights; Black Housing; Smoked Lens

I can provide more/any pix upon request.


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