For Sale Sonic Blue Roush

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    Posting for a friend with severe back issues.....I can personally vouch for this car, it is one of a kind!

    2005 Roush GT

    30800 miles
    6 speed manual conversion
    McCloud Clutch
    Fidenza Flywheel
    Suspension done up to stage 2 specs by Anderson Ford motorsports
    t-trim vortech
    Forged Rotating assembly including cobra crank
    Stage 2 Cams
    4.10 Gears
    Custom sound system
    tuned for methonal injecton/100 octane
    detroit tru trac
    Was featured in numerous magazines....

    This car has all of this and much more. It was signed by Jack Roush and can be varified by Roush.

    I am positive that I am forgetting a ton. This car has over 675hp on low boost.

    He is looking for $35,000 obo. He probably has over $100,000 invested in this car. Never seen snow or rain.

    Send me a message if you are interested.