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    This thread will be a "catch all" for on and off track safety related discussion.
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    Thanks Josef!

    In some of our FB group and other groups I've seen some track safety questions asked and think it would be a worthwhile sticky. The drag racing section has a similar sticky for safety and rules, so this one will be open track and auto-x related. I'll just start with some FAQs and we can go from there. Organizations may have different requirements, so be sure and check these before your race weekend. It would suck to get there, go through tech, then be sidelined. A lot of groups have tech shops you can take your car to beforehand so you have time to get up to snuff before your track day.

    Passing Tech:
    Street cars and race cars are a different set of rules, so make sure you know which you fall under. Usually, if you're competing to be the 1st car across the finish line, it's a race car. If you're out there for fun, or running against time (Time Trials or Time Attack) you are not held to race tech.
    -Street or TT
    Basic stuff is covered battery terminals (both), tires and brake pads with plenty of life, no leaks, working seat belts, empty trunk/interior of stuff, and a stiff brake pedal. Convertibles will differ depending on organization, but usually some sort of roll protection is required, styling bars do not count. Helmet, M or SA ratings are both OK, SNELL is usually required. Most also have a minimum year: /00/05/10/15 are the certification years (05 = 2005). So check that before the event, I would not recommend getting a used helmet, but from a trusted source should be OK. Check the year.

    IF you choose to use an aftermarket seat, belts, cage, etc. on your street car, keep in mind you will have to pass tech for those devices as well. The inspector will check additional items based on modifications. Aftermarket race driver side belts *should* be within date, although some will let that slide.

    H&N (Head and Neck restraint), you see these in a lot of TT and HPDE cars nowadays. It is a choice, but if you're driving anywhere with walls, the wall will win. Race classes have mandated them in most cases, keep in mind you need a 5/6 point harness to use these. Go with a SFI rated unit.

    The goal of safety is to keep you safe/alive in a unintended situation. So keep that in mind when you're purchasing or upgrading safety, the second you need to use that safety device you don't want to be thinking "was saving $ on this really worth it", so do the research and buy with that in mind, not just look for the cheapest.