1. Tim300wsm

    New guy new project car

    Just bought my 1st mustang last night. I bought a 97 cobra that needs some love. The drivetrain seems solid and it has a clean title. No rust 87k on the odometer. That’s the good. The bad there was some hidden front end damage( gotta get on a lift to see severity) I don’t think it could be to...
  2. E

    ABS Unit Hole Stripped

    Was trying to reconnect my hard brake lines to the ABS module on my 96 Cobra when the Rear Right fitting cross threaded and stripped out the hole. I want to take the ABS module back down and helicoil the hole since the fitting and brake line side of things still looks fine. Problem is I don't...
  3. Burninrock24

    Help identifying this interesting hood

    Bought this hood today off a 96 Cobra sitting in the woods. It’s all fiberglass, but looks to be a Cobra R style cowl with the 96-98 vents? I’m scratching my head honestly.
  4. Burninrock24

    WTB 1996-1998 Cobra Hood

    Let me know what you’ve got, thanks!
  5. Tillerman77

    High mileage champ - 1997 Cobra?

    I just saw this on YouTube recently. Supposedly 1 owner and original engine. Does anyone know of a running 96-98 Cobra that has higher mileage? Apologies if this has been posted here previously.
  6. S

    Seat Part Help - Gas Strut

    I have an electronic seat for a 96 Cobra that had the up/down motor burn out. Upon replacing the motor it appears that the motor burned out because the gas strut is mechanically frozen. I've searched but have not identified a suitable replacement or Ford part number. Anyone else ever deal...
  7. R

    Speedometer / Odometer Not Working. Read entire post.

    Ok, so my speedometer and odometer are not working. All other gauges work correctly. I'm sure this question has been asked several times, but I cannot find a solution to my problem. Here's what I've done so far. 1. Changed out the worm & drive gear inside instrument cluster. No change. 2...
  8. Javelin

    Ever try drifting?

    My 96 SVT Cobra is my track car, set up for SCCA Track Night in America and Time Trial events along with autocross. I have an actual drift track, Spirit Peaks Raceway, close to my house so I took the Cobra there for a couple of events. It's a lot of fun, but very different for suspension setup...
  9. Tillerman77

    Want To Buy OEM 94 -98 Cobra headlights with hazy lens (unbroken)

    I am looking for stock Cobra headlights to do a lens restore on. Must have unbroken adjusters and prefer to get the bulb retaining rings as well. I actually only need the passenger Cobra lamp as my original got broken during removal. If you have both, that is fine as well.

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