1. Monday

    Another Brake Question...

    OK, I going to be honest for a moment. I currently have a pretty awesome Pony. I have tried to make the build as cheap as possible; Open Box; FB, and get myself the tools – all of them – so I wouldn’t have to get (and really pay for – 100$ an hour at most shops, more at a few) Professional...
  2. P


    Anyone out there making replacement seatbelts for a 94 convertible? Seems like they have two retracters.
  3. Blueraz_5.0

    Convertible Top Mods

    So I have a convertible, and am planning on doing a rear seat delete as well. I've been looking at convertible covers such as the basic opr convertible top boot on American muscle that goes over the whole backseat, as well as cervini's 2-piece speedster cover. The basic boot, while it is cheaper...
  4. 1998MustangVert

    Looking for Window Sticker Info

    Hello all! I found a gentlemen on the forum who has the ability to reproduce a window sticker for me... For those who have their window sticker, I'm looking to see if you can help me figure out how much these options cost on my car. It is a 98 V6 convertible. The options are: Automatic Overdrive...
  5. Lawman86

    94 GT top sagging on drivers side

    I’ve posted this everywhere and cannot find a resolution as many don’t know or have sold their cars they fixed and can’t remember how they fixed it. The convertible top side rails are sagging at the two joints on the drivers side and I can’t figure out how to adjust it. Is it with the roof...
  6. Lawman86

    94 GT Convertible top misaligned

    I can’t find anywhere online where someone has the info on how to align these darn things. The PO had a new top put on but in the center where the drivers door is it’s bowed in like it’s misaligned. Anyone have a convertible alignment schematic for a 94? I just got the car and this was the only...
  7. J

    94 GT Barn Find HELP!!!

    I recently purchased a 52K mile 94 Mustang GT from an old man. The car sat for about three years due to him no longer being able to drive stick. This will be my weekend cruiser, but I plan to add 373 gears and a mild exhaust in the coming year. My questions are: 1. What brand of oil and filter...

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