project car

  1. Will Rey


    Hey guys I’ve literally tried everything to get my mustang to run. So I’ll fill you guys in to see if I missed anything. I bought a 1996 Mustang 3.8 with a 4.6L swap. The day I went to buy the car the guy dropped it on his jack trying to put the tires back on and dented the oil pan. But I still...
  2. kyholm

    Wrecked & Rusted 2002 GT Rebuild

    Hey All, I've got a salvage title 2002 GT I've been working on, and have been making youtube videos about it along the way. I'll start posting those videos here for your viewing pleasure. Here is the latest in the series: Thanks for checking it out! Enjoy.
  3. Frank.JD.Perez

    Special Offer from Wheelwell

    Hey SN95forums members (and occasional lurkers), A new, up and coming company called Wheelwell, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering a special deal to car enthusiast - like you and me - around the US! For all new members on the site, Wheelwell is offering $200 towards any...
  4. Adam Gustafson

    Building a project car in college

    Hello! I want to start a project car this summer after my Freshman year of college, Let's hear your ideas for cool and interesting project ideas. I personally want to build an Sn95 new edge drift car, I feel like starting the project would be fairly easy, Heavy duty clutch pack, coilovers, some...

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