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    Mar 18, 2015
    I have a 94 V6 car I bought with a blown engine and a doner Bronco engine. I have since sold the Bronco engine to cover most car purchase price. Last week I bought most of a 95 GT engine, Today I got a deal on a complete 93 Cougar 5.0 HO in a running chassis. Less than 100k on powertrain. I have also bought a complete wiring harness for a 95 GT. I plan installing the Cougar engine. I an hoping the throttle cable will work. Can i run all the Cougar accessories? My car is a stick so I wont need trans,Will this interchange on some other year Mustang? Is the Cougar wiring harness and ECM used in these swaps? I will be parting out he Cougar and dont want to scrap any thing that may be of use. Will exhaust interchange? I know the time cover is different on the 93 engine but if I use every thing else do I need to swap it. I am not necessarily trying to make a GT but a nice driving 5.0. Will the 93 injectors work ? I can do it the hard way also. Just trying to use some one else s knowledge to save some steps. Wanting to have this done for my sons birthday at the end of may as a surprise.