94 GT cel codes cold and warm

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    Hi I have an 94 GT I'm still in the process of trying to fix back up to good reliable running and driving condition. I've pulled codes a few times since I've had it I'm wanting to get it running good as I can before tackling the transmission. Pulled these codes cold this morning KOEO 111 and KOER 116, 136, 172, 412, 536 and 632. And warmed up to operating temp KOEO 118 and KOER 311, 314, 536 and 632. What would cause these codes? Also is it normal to have different codes with the car cold than warm? Also noticed that the coolant temp sensor connector has exposed wire don't know if the has anything to do with it or not. Also there was nothing but water in the cooling system when I bought it I replaced the water pump and thermostat a couple or months or so ago and done a cooling system flush then as well. Also noticed that the low coolant light was coming on took out the sensor in the overflow tank and it was covered in sludge and rust cleaned it off and the light went off. Thanks in advance everyone!

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