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    So I'm sure I'll get scolded by some people here because I'm building a mustangs arch enemy. Butt first car was a 3rd gen camaro z28 found one cheaper than a mustang 14 yrs ago when I got my license. So after owning my 03 gt for 11 yrs I'm tired of it. So I have begun my transformation of my camaro into a street strip car. My plans are a 383 stroker on nitrous backed by a th350 trans. I just got the trans built to hold the power I plan on making. I plan on running a fuel cell since my tank was to banged up to dump. I'm doing all the work myself. My old man built my trans I installed it and hooked it up. I built a bracket to mount my pro stick that came out pretty damn good if I can say so. [​IMG]

    And this is the car I'm working with [​IMG]
    Slow and steady I'll have it up and running.