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    Mar 20, 2007

    ok here is the story i just bought i 1995 gt with some mods done to it teh car was also just repainted and when painted the motor came out, now that it is back in it isnt running right at idle at all i was wondering if there was anyone in the long island area(i live in port jefferson station) that woudl be willing to come take a look at it if they own a 94-95 mustang and compare the vacume line setups or maybe see if anyhting is hooked up incorrectly. let me know and thanks in advanced.


    does anyone know of any tuner shops that will tune an h/c/i mustang for a resonable price that already knows the common problems on the 94-95 mustangs. location long island. i jsut dont want to go to a shop that doesn know much about the sn95 with the 5.0 and pay up the ass per hour to watch tehm figure out what they are doin please let me know thanks.