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    My 95 is getting a new paint job (canary yellow) and once I get her back I am going to work on my suspension. It will be a street and strip car. It will not be a daily. I have 18x9 (265/35/18) and 18x10 (295/35/18) wheels for it. Its believed to have 3.73 gears in it, but not sure. I am only going based on what the previous owner said and the fact the speedo is off by around 10mph. Motor wise I will eventually drop a 5.0 cobra motor in it and only do bolt ons. Right now the suspension is awful. I've read and can't really figure out where to start. Budget wise 2K or less.
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    You should start by elaborating on "the suspension is awful". Is the ride too stiff? Too soft? Is the car too high? Too much body roll? What are you looking to get out of the car? Do you want to switch to a coilover application? Are you looking for control arms to improve launching? For 2K you could possibly get a pair of Bilsteins with coilover springs, cc plates, subframes, front and rear (lower) control arms, tie rods, bumpsteer, and sway bars. Again, it all depends what you're ultimately looking for in the car. Is it mostly street or mostly strip?