Are muffler hangers needed when replacing stock mufflers on 96 GT?

Discussion in 'Exhausts' started by olympic, May 7, 2018.

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    May 7, 2018
    I have a 1996 GT Convertible that currently has the full stock exhaust on it. May eventually change out the exhaust but for now am looking at simply changing out the mufflers to something like a flowmaster 40 series (or one of the equivalents). My question concerns the muffler hangers that are welded to the back of the stock mufflers. Are they needed for the new mufflers? If so, my next concern is that the stock muffler bodies are about 17" long but the flowmaster 40 series bodies are about 13" long (19" overall when including inlet/outlet). So, these flowmaster mufflers are shorter and will sit just a bit forward of where the back of the stock muffler sits now. So, not sure that the stock muffler hangers if removed from the stock mufflers and tacked to the new would even line up in the correct spot.

    I was thinking of cutting the stock muffler out and then clamping in the new using band butt clamps, but I'm pondering this hanger situation. Perhaps an alternative hanger that simply wraps around the pipe behind the muffler that goes up to the stock hanger might work, but would have to try and figure out what hanger would work best in that situation.

    I searched the forum but couldn't find anything about this. I'd appreciate any insight that can be provided on the best way to address the issue of swapping out the stock GT muffler for a shorter aftermarket one. Thanks!