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    Hello Everyone,

    Have some quick questions. I'm having to pull my heads off to change the current Ford Racing lifters to new ones (frustratingly won't come out with the heads on), as well as, helicoil a stripped intake manifold bolt hole. I've had constant surging and dying issues with the E303 camshaft due to the 110 LSA even though the car is dyno tuned and tired of dealing with it so thinking about changing the cam.

    I was thinking either the Steeda #19 cam due to the 115 LSA or the Comp xe270hr-14 due to the 114 LSA. I was also thinking about the custom route, but not sure if it is worth it with being limited to passing CA smog requirements. Although, I've passed with an F303 before.

    Also, I currently have AFR 165s (2011 model) with the stock springs, which I know are rated to .550 lift (LSX style springs), but I've heard of people still having issues with split pattern and fast ramp rate cams. Do I need to change those to run the Steeda #19 or Comp xe270hr-14? Oh, I'm currently running the stock Crane 1.7 rockers. Any information or experiences are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I would give Ed Curtis (Flow Tech Induction) an email. He can set you up with all you need.