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Discussion in 'Suspension and Brakes' started by 94yellow50, Jun 26, 2008.

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    alright well, walked into the garage today n realized ive had enuf of my car sitting so high in the air lol...ive had people tell me its one of the highest sitting sn95 5.0s theyve ever seen...problem tho..the funds do not allow it right now...i dont even drive the car like i used to it tends to sit most the time and just be for weekends now..some week nights with the friends..but my just gonna cut the stock springs for now(i know it will ride like crap, not gonna help with handleing) but i just want it for looks right now...main questions are tho do i cut from the bottom/top/ or not matter?..and ive seen a couple pics of sn's with cut springs and they said they cut about 1.5 coils....just wondering what u guys thought would be a good spot..and i think id leave it a little higher in back still to keep the stance but want it lower...heres a pic that shows just how high it is..[​IMG]
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    The front springs you can cut from the bottom, because the top is flat, and the bottom has a pigtail which goes into the control arm. The rear springs you can't really cut that much because the top is flat and the bottom gets smaller to sit on the perch as the spring ends. I would not cut the rear springs at all. Just save your money and find someone selling a set of used Eibach Springs or something.