How To: B&M Hammer Shifter Repair


Aug 6, 2013
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Crossett, AR
I decided I'd do a little write-up on repairing my B&M Hammer shifter prior to installation. Hopefully it'll help someone down the road. The shifter I bought used was missing the button for O/D and there was no gear indicator light. It's a very simple fix and here's how:

Let's start with the indicator light. On the left side of the shifter underneath there is a bracket held on by two 8mm nuts with a plate that houses the indicator light. On mine you can see that the wires going to the light had been cut.


Simply take off the two nuts and you can maneuver the plate and slider out of there. The light simply pushes through the plate to remove it. Then you will need to find a suitable light to replace it with. I chose this one from O'Reilly's, it's just a plain red LED.


The instructions on the back of the light say to drill out the mounting surface with a 5/16" bit to allow the socket to snap securely into place. You have to be pretty precise actually when doing this to keep the hole you're drilling centered. The trim around the LED is aaaaalmost too big to fit inside the slider without causing it to drag when shifting but it did work out.

Here is the hole you will be drilling out...a vice will be your best bet to hold it secure while drilling.


The light and wires will come apart from the socket itself, allowing you to snap it in place with out damaging anything. Here is how the socket looks mounted in the plate:


And again from underneath:


You can see how there is just enough room for it to fit snug and still allow for the plate to slide on the rails when you shift.

Now you can snap the light back into the socket and get ready to reinstall the slider bracket back under the shifter plate.


However, due to the bigger light you will have to space the bracket down to allow it to slide freely. For this I used 3 washers on each side. (Only one is pictured, I had to go back and change it later)



Be sure to check that the gear indicator moves as it's supposed to before you tighten everything up. Mine took a little bit of adjusting and adding an extra stack of washers to get it right.

Now for the next part, the O/D button. This is pretty simple and doesn't require anything but finding a suitable switch. I chose to go with a low-profile push-on push-off button. I will change it one day down the road to a better looking switch but for now it was all I had. For my personal preference, I wanted something that was kind of subtle and wouldn't get in the way of the shifter boot, or accidentally get bumped by a passenger or anything like that like a toggle switch would be more likely to do.


And that's pretty much it guys! When it comes time to wire everything up it's pretty simple also. For the light you simply hook the yellow wire up to a suitable ground, and splice the red wire into one that will be 12volts whenever the key is on so that you can see the gear indicator during the daytime. Avoid splicing into the existing indicator light since it will only be hot when the parking lights/headlights are on. The O/D button doesn't matter which wire goes to which side of the switch since all the switch is doing is breaking the connection between the wires. So you can simply cut your old button off and butt splice into the existing wires and you're done! Hope this is useful to someone!

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