1. 1998MustangVert

    Looking for Window Sticker Info

    Hello all! I found a gentlemen on the forum who has the ability to reproduce a window sticker for me... For those who have their window sticker, I'm looking to see if you can help me figure out how much these options cost on my car. It is a 98 V6 convertible. The options are: Automatic Overdrive...
  2. C

    Mach 1 Performance

    I am looking to build my Mustang Mach 1 for performance and quality daily driving capabilities. Below is a list of mods I have completed on the car, and further down is a list of potential future modifications. If anyone has tips on the direction I should go with the car please let me know...
  3. Will Rey


    Hey guys I’ve literally tried everything to get my mustang to run. So I’ll fill you guys in to see if I missed anything. I bought a 1996 Mustang 3.8 with a 4.6L swap. The day I went to buy the car the guy dropped it on his jack trying to put the tires back on and dented the oil pan. But I still...
  4. Matthew Vaudrin

    Gulf Oil inspired Rally car Mustang build

    Hey everyone, Matt AKA Rumbuilder here, to share something a little different. This is my 1995 GT I'm turning into a budget rally car. I'm vlogging the whole process. So I hope you enjoy my trials and tribulations, and some sweet sideways action in the dirt. Let me know what you think, and...
  5. 90foe_5.0

    94 mustang gt head swap ?

    New to the forum so sorry if this is the wrong thread! I have a 94 gt 5.0 all stock other then exhaust. I was told today I have a bent exhaust valve soo while I’m pulling the heads I’ve been told to run gt40p heads. I’m Mechanically inclined enough to pull the heads etc. but not too sure on...
  6. Frank.JD.Perez

    Special Offer from Wheelwell

    Hey SN95forums members (and occasional lurkers), A new, up and coming company called Wheelwell, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering a special deal to car enthusiast - like you and me - around the US! For all new members on the site, Wheelwell is offering $200 towards any...
  7. T

    Instruments and car looses electricity while driving

    I have recently got a 1999 ford mustang base started that have been sitting for around 3 years, I had to replace the fuel pump. after the first drive I notice two problems: 1- The car is loosing electricity and I can tell by the way the instrument gauges reset while the car is running and even...
  8. T

    are wiper arms the same on 94 to 2004?

    are wiper arms the same on 94 to 2004?
  9. S

    First Car Time

    Hello, My name is Julian and I live in the Seattle, Washington Area. I just passed my driving test and received my license, without going into to much detail I'm starting to look at potential first cars. I've been interested in Mustangs for the better part of 2 years now and was wondering which...
  10. M

    regarding wiring in a swap

    hey guys im new to the forum and ill be on here more often in the future. I have a 1994 gt which is currently my daily but will also be my complete parts car for my project 1982 mercedes 500 sec (2 door S class) this will be my first engine swap and while I am mechanically inclined the wiring...

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