Vibration at speed

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by jun10r, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Jun 9, 2015
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    Ok, so wanted to get some thoughts from the gang here on vibrations at speed. My ride is a 94 GT Vert, some nice looking Bullitt rims, older and worn looking tires (2 different brands, one for front, other on rear).

    I had the top up on the car today so I was paying a bit more attention and noticed that I was getting a pretty good amount of vibration at speed. (Let's call it 75mph....)

    Dash shaking and making a bit of noise, various interior panels, honestly I expect a 20+ year old car to make noise. But I noticed today that if I lifted off the throttle it would reduce the vibes and 'sound' a bit better.

    It does have a custom exhaust with Flowmasters (and no caty...) so some of this is the hwy speed drone I suspect. But the fact it "instantly" reduces vibes makes me think more drivetrain than wheels/tires? (Speed really does not change, just my input)

    What say ye? Flywheel? Driveshaft? Rear end (was changed to 3.73, thus more rpms at speed too...) Automatic tranny.

    The hwy speed has annoyed me a bit for a while, but I really think that is a matter of higher rpms than what I am used to because of the 3.73s, LOUD pipes... and then realizing today this vibration was part of it. I realize this will never ride or sound/feel like a Lexus, so maybe the answer will be just get used to it, part of owning a 90s sports car!?

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    U-joints maybe?