1. C

    Weird 4r70 issue

    My 98 gt is automatic and been feeling like it shifts into high gears that the 4r70 doesn’t have but only when hot. Second and third will run normal for about a second then rpm’s will drop to barely above idle. I replaced the radiator thinking the trans fluid was blocked and overheating in the...
  2. R

    No power to radiator fan and dont know why.

    hello, im pretty new to the forums. I have a 2004 mustang 3.8 v6 with 175k, i do all my own upkeep on it (from changing oil to 3 day projects) but this one is stumping me. My girlfriend was driving the car in the insane pa summer heat (96°) and it overheated and coolant overflowed. i let it set...
  3. ZED

    1998 Mustang GT convertible top off track

    i have been trying everything to get this thing to lock in. its literally like an inch away from being back on track. its a bit crooked. someone plz help!
  4. S

    shifter goes into gear but no movement

    ok so I was cruising down the highway in 5th gear when all of a sudden I had no more power seemed like i was in neutral. So I tried downshifting and again clearly in 4th gear but no response from the rear wheels when I give it gas. So after rolling to the shoulder of the freeway i had to stop...
  5. Blueraz_5.0

    Convertible Top Mods

    So I have a convertible, and am planning on doing a rear seat delete as well. I've been looking at convertible covers such as the basic opr convertible top boot on American muscle that goes over the whole backseat, as well as cervini's 2-piece speedster cover. The basic boot, while it is cheaper...
  6. 9

    Full Swap: 97 NPI to 03 PI

    Ive obtained a running 03 long block from pan to throttle body along with the harness. Ive been told i need to swap the 97 pan and timing cover to retain my accessories. I would like to swap from coil packs to COP but didn't know if changing from the 97 to 03 harness would work? Thanks in advance
  7. 9

    Rough/Choppy idle and slight miss

    Alright I have a 96 GT that’s completely stock other than a CAI and straight piped off-road x pipe. I’ve had this issue for the past 2 months and cannot figure it out. The car will almost always start up just fine and make it about a block down the road and then as soon as I let off the gas and...
  8. Will Rey


    Hey guys I’ve literally tried everything to get my mustang to run. So I’ll fill you guys in to see if I missed anything. I bought a 1996 Mustang 3.8 with a 4.6L swap. The day I went to buy the car the guy dropped it on his jack trying to put the tires back on and dented the oil pan. But I still...
  9. T

    HELP!! 2002 Mustang not starting!

    So today my car got stuck at work simply because it would not start. We tried jumpstarting it it cracks for a second then gives out. When starting without the cables it clicks then shuts off. If you have any advice please come my way!! Thanks in advance.
  10. Katrina1998

    Wipers Stuck On!!!

    So I’ve been dealing with this problem for some time now and I’ve read some things but they aren’t really clear. I have 1998 mustang gt convertible and my wind shield wipers are stuck on, and stuck on the highest mode. Everything else works besides the wiper control settings. So my short term...
  11. Katrina1998

    Advice? 1998 Mustang Gt Convt.

    Hello! so I have 1998 mustang gt convertible and I have been dealing with this problem for some time now, my windshield wipers are stuck on, on the highest mode, occasionally when they are on (not often) they’ll randomly stop then go back to being on. So my short term solution has been to unplug...
  12. ForeverDriven

    Rebuild Suggestions?

    I've got my 1997 4.6 Romeo torn down at the moment. I'm almost ready to put everything back together, just waiting on the bottom end bolts and a way to find some PI heads. The rebuild is mostly stock with some PI heads (hopefully). What does everyone suggest I go get machined? I'm just gonna...
  13. S

    First Car Time

    Hello, My name is Julian and I live in the Seattle, Washington Area. I just passed my driving test and received my license, without going into to much detail I'm starting to look at potential first cars. I've been interested in Mustangs for the better part of 2 years now and was wondering which...
  14. SN95_#19_DSA

    New Member, looking to get a SN95!

    Hey everyone, looking to get a 1994-1998 Mustang GT in the next few days. Completely new to this so bear with me here. I have been using a motorcycle daily for the last 4 years and think this would be a great first car. Moved a lot so never got the 'first car' experience when I was 16...

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