Fan Problems, Need help please!


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Jul 14, 2007
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I have a 1995 mustang gt. Heres my problem. My fan is electric. Yesterday i wired up a fan switch. The switch worked for about an hour. I went straight from the fan motor to wire this switch. I used 18g 12v wire. I used no fuse (dumb). Well this switch stopped working, it burnt me, and the wires going to it started to get close to melting off. Well, my fan motor is shot. I ordered a new fan motor today which will be in tomorrow. Today i went ahead and wired up a new switch, using 12g wire , and an inline fuse. I cannot wire it up through the ccrm as is instructed on the paradise garage website because the fan never turns on so im afraid that the ccrm is bad. I have the positive pin from the fan running to the "ON" pin on the switch. I have the negative pin from the fan ran to the negative terminal on the battery. I ran a wire connected to the positive terminal on the battery to the "Power" on the switch. And i have a wired grounded to the chassis which goes to the ground on the switch. Am i wiring this up safely so i wont burn my new fan motor out within an hour, i dont keep it on constantly, only when the car temp gets right in the middle, then i turn it on until it drops around the "O" on Normal. Should i check to see how many volts the fan can handle and if it is different than the battery, is there a regulator of some sort that is available? So the simple question is, Have i wired this switch up right with my connections and an inline fuse which is connected to the power wire from the battery to the switch? Will I burn this motor up like the last one?

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