My Vortech powered 4v 98 GT Drift mustang build thread


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Nov 15, 2014
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So i finally took the time to post my build thread. Anyways here is the story on it and transformation. Ill keep updating it as i go, i have alot of chassis modifications in the works coming in the next few weeks/month. Enjoy!
Latest pictures

Current mod list as of 11/25/15

Make & Model: Ford Mustang GT
Year: 1998
Engine: 2003 Mach 1 Modular DOHC 4.6 4v
Power Adder: Vortech Supercharger

Power Mods:
-Vortech SI V3 Supercharger
-Vortech 3.33 sc Pulley
-CX Racing Custom Air-to-Air intercooler
-K&N air filter
-PMAS HPX Slot style MAF
-Turbosmart Big Bubba BOV
-BBK twin 65mm TB
-Paul's High Performance Intake Manifold Spacer
-Custom Y-pipe
-Straight pipe exhaust with a 4 inch outlet
-NGK BR7EF Spark plugs
-Torco SR-1 10w-30

Fuel Mods:
-FRPP 39lb Injectors
-Twin Walbro GSL392 external fuel pumps
-Summit Racing 12 gallon fuel cell
-D2Z Performance Fuel Cell insulated heat shield box
-G&J stainless steel braided fuel lines

Cooling Mods:
-Mishimoto Gen 2 Aluminum Radiator
-Forged Racing dual fan shroud kit
-On3 Performance Head Cooling Mod
-On3 Performance Coolant crossover delete
-Lucas Super Coolant Additive

-Tremec T-56 Speed Trans
-AJE T-56 Crossmember
-McCloed Billet Steel Throwout Bearing Retainer Sleeve
-McCloed Scatter Shield Bellhousing
-Spec Stage 3 Clutch
-Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter
-FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
-FRPP 31 Spline Traction lock differential -Welded Spider gears-
-FRPP 4.10 Gears
-Superior 31 Spine Hardened Axles
-Torco Trans fluid
-Torco SGO(gear oil)

Braking Mods:
-Front brakes: 13 inch Cobra brakes
-R1 Concepts 13 inch Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors
-Front Hawk HPS brake pads
-Rear brakes: 11.65 inch Cobra Brakes
-Rear Secondary brakes: 11.65 inch Cobra Brakes
-R1 Concepts 11.65 Inch Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors
-Rear Hawk HPS brake pads
-G&J Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Suspension Mods:
-Modified OEM Steering Rack
-Maximum Motorsports Solid Aluminum Rack bushings
-Maximum Motorsports Steering Shaft
-D2Z Extended Inner Tierods
-Wisefab Outter Tierod Heims
-Bink Industries Drift Spec Kunckles/Spindles
-Maximum Motorsports Adj Caster/Camber plates
-Bilstien Shocks & Struts
-UPR Coilovers Hypercoil Sport Springs
-Goddard Custom Front control arms
-Whiteline Front Sway Bar End Links
-Kenny Brown Adjustable Front Sway bar
-Cobra Rear Sway bar
-Maximum Motorsports TA Springs
-Maximum Motorsports XD adjustable LCA's
-Maximum Motorsports adjustable Panhard Bar
-Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm

Chassis Mods:
-Maximum Motorsports Solid Motor Mounts
-Maximum Motorsport 4pt K-brace
-Maximum Motorsports 4pt Roll Bar with custom door bars
-Maximum Motorsports Front Strut Tower Brace
-Maximum Motorsports Subframe reinforcements
-Kenny Brown Rear Strut Tower brace
-Kenny Brown Subframe Connectors
-D2Z Performance Tubular Front Bash Bar
-D2Z Performance Tubular Front Support Brace
-D2Z Performance Tubular Rear Bash Bar
-RaceQuip tow straps

Interior Mods:
-Driver - Sparco Circuit Pro 2 Seat
-Passenger - Corbeau FX1 Racing Seat
-Sparco 5 pt Harnesses
-Grip Royal Royal Jack Steering wheel
-Grip Royal Wheel Spacer
-NRG Hub and Gen 3 Quick Release
-ASD Hydraulic Handbrake
-Raptor Shift Light
-Carbon Driven Carbon Fiber Cluster Bezel
-Autometer Boost Gauge
-Autometer Water Temp Gauge
-Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
-Moroso Switch Panel
-D2Z Performance Radiator Hose Insulated Heat Shield

Exterior Mods:
-Cobra Front Bumper
-Duraflex Fenders
-Trufiber 3 inch Cowl Induction Hood
-Cobra Rear Bumper
-Duraflex Rear Overfenders
-Saleen S281 Rear Spoiler
-Carbon Driven Carbon Fiber Cowl Panel
-Custom Lexan rear window & radiator duct setup

Wheel & tires:
-STR Racing 514's
-18x8.5 Front
-18x10 Rear
-Nitto NT05 Drift Spec 245/40/18 & 295/40/18

My 98 GT that ive had for 3 years so far ive been building it into an open track car mainly and now a full time drift car.

AMP Ford vs Chevy Time attack

GTR open track event

When i got it, it was pretty much stock except the JBA Shorty headers and flowmaster mufflers. I purchased the car for $1700 of some young kid. Why so cheap? Brakes and power steering werent working, me and my buddy seen it was a hose that was disconnected so it was an easy fix.

I eventually went on to clean up the car ditching the stock GT kit and adding the more appealing Cobra front and rear bumpers including cobra headlights and some amber side markers along with a trufiber 3 inch cowl hood and S351 Spoiler. Then i added some FR500 wheels in 18's.

I added some boltons to the non pi motor which included the dragon wide oval plenum and TB along with the JLT RAI and Off road H pipe. When i got a tuner my boss dyno tuned it and it made a whopping 220 whp lol! For this combo it was pretty effective at the auto-x/open track events with the basic suspension mods i added which included Progress Springs, Progress rear sway bar, HPM LCA's, Kenny Brown Panhard bar, Koni Adj shocks and struts and MM CC plates.

Eventually i was getting bored and picked up a procharger for the car but i ended up selling the setup because i had an opportunity to pick up a 4v motor from my friends 03 mach 1.

Now that i dropped in the 4v it was alot more peppier. When i added my JLT RAI, a BBK twin 65 TB, and PHP Intake manifold Spacer and had my boss tune it, we made 305 whp. With this combo the car was very exciting to drive and perfect for open track.


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Nov 15, 2014
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The car also made it out with this setup in Car Craft magazine aug 2011 issue for budget builds and 94-98 mustang appeal. Was a very interesting article.

Affordable Ford Muscle Cars - 1996-1998 SN-95 Mustang GT - Car Craft Magazine

Of course i eventually got bored and started thinking about a power adder. It was between the Kenne Bell and Vortech. Being that i had a KB on my terminator awhile back i wanted to try something different and also did some reaserch and wanted to avoid that heat soak effect as well since i was using the car for open track. I ended up getting the Vortech V3 Si trim. I added things like the SVT focus pump, KB boosta pump, Anderson Power pipe, and CX Racing custom fabbed intercooler Kit. Also for cooling purposes i added the Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator and Racing thermostat along with some purple ice. I had Adam from ST motorsports do the base tune for it so i could start it and drive it around till he was ready to tune it. The problem tho was him finding time, i was starting to get irritated waiting especially after buggin because i really wanted to get the car tuned by him since he did such a great job with my terminator. But then just when i thought hope was lost lol jk i had an opportunity to have Bob Kurgan from Kurgan Motorsports tune it since he was down from Georgia tuning cars at our shop. I went for it and i have to say it was well worth it! Car made 499 whp at the highest point but being its a stock bottom end(03mach 1) he down tuned it to 480 whp on 10 lbs of boost and only 8 degrees of timing. The car drives excellent, the drivability is awesome, like a stock mustang. And i have to say the reliability is as well. Since then ive been running the car alot, track events a few street races as well lol and i must say this thing has been reliable and those that know me know ive been beating the crap out of it at the track and drifting it.

Since then ive added some new wheels with some Falken Azenis RT-615K's, Roll cage, better suspension mods, 6 speed etc. Current mod list down below.
















I removed all the sound deafening, painted the floorboard satin black, and cleaned up the wire harnesses with wire loom

Got my seat in here but had to adjust the harnesses since its closer to the seat were it wraps around the bar.

Installed my MM extreme duty adj LCA's and Panhard bar.




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Nov 15, 2014
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Open track wheels(black fr500's) 18x10's all around and today my race tires came in.





Also gonna be Installing this bad boy from ASD.

My new drift brake setup that i fabricated and also my new low slung nascar style door bars

ASD handbrake

Me fabbing up the extra brake brackets

y car at Fabulous Fords Forever show 2013

Well i figured id post all the pix of my track day and what happened after here in my build thread.



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Nov 15, 2014
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How my day ended but this was just the beginning of the worst part...

I had an engine fire after this... Ill post pix later and explain.

Well here is the damage, Got lucky. Wire harness is ok after i unwrapped it. Gotta replace the coil cover, Coil wires, spark plugs, injector pig tail, fix the spark plug threads in the head, and most expensive the hood replace or fix if repairable.

All clean up and ready to fix

Well turns out i had some more carnage in the diff housing again. Burned up the driver side clutch packs obviously, creates play in spider gears and they all have at each other pretty much. Time for a welded diff.

Update 7-25-13
Took my Vortech 4v 98 GT mustang drifting last night to AMP's Thursday night drift. The last session they had a "wall ride" competition. Basically you have to get the closest to the marker on the tire barrier wall with your rear bumper without hitting it. I came within in less than an inch and got 1st place out of 25 cars. Here are some videos and pix, enjoy!

Here is the wall ride competition winning run

Here is a full lap from the earlier session

Took 1st place. Camaro took 2nd place and the 240 took 3rd place.


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Nov 15, 2014
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So i started taking the front end apart this weekend to start on the next project for the car. Some weight reduction(especially of the nose of the car) and tubular front end bash bar setup. Didnt realize how much crap there was under the fenders. Gonna take everything off and and hang on to the parts and weigh them when its all done. Here it is for now. Gonna be removing the radiator, condensor, AC, and the other misc things i dont need this week. Hopefully have the front end cut off this weekend.

Made some more progress over the weekend. Got the front end all torn down ready to start cutting this weekend for the tubular front/bash bar set up. As for weight reduction so far between the AC setup, the lines, smog equipment, Radiator/fan, Battery, and bumper support ive shaved 108 lbs off the front end so far. Now FYI the radiator and battery are getting relocated to the rear of the car so it'll move some weight too the back. Also the core support is going and getting replaced for a tubular setup which will be lighter as well. Looking to delete the ABS module soon as i can get the abs delete. Also doing an the coolant cross over delete as well.

Core support cut off and now ready for bash bar front end to be made.

Prepping the rear to be cut out next.

Got my deck lid all cut out and opened up to vent out the air that will be coming through the rear mounted radiator. Got a few more things to clean it up and make it look nice including some mesh grill, the same kind you find on the saleen bumpers. Then i have an S351 and an S281 rear spoiler to choose from.

And speaking of Radiators my Mishimoto Radiator arrived to replace mine that had stress cracks along the bottom. Lifetime warranty you cant go wrong with that, awesome products and awesome customer service! Thanks Mishimoto!

Finished installing the mesh in the openings in the decklid. Painted the mesh black as well. It came out better than i expected. Just need to setup the trunk pins and this piece is ready.

Got the rear portion of the car cut out. Just need to clean it up a bit and get it ready for the bash bar, fuel cell, battery and radiator next.



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Nov 15, 2014
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Been super busy during the holidays. Got back on this project this past week. Started my front bash bar setup. Got some material and started bending. Just need to fab up a few more pieces and weld it all together.
Here is the mock up. Will post some more pix after i get more done this weekend.

So this weekend we got to test out my new welder and build the front bash bar setup for my stang.

My buddy brian started by tacking everything together. Tacked the plates on the frame rails and bolted on the 2nd set so its removable.

Did alot of measuring and got it all tack welded together

I cut out a section on each fender to allow room for the bash bar to fold under in the event of a front corner bump or crash that way it doesnt crush the fender in half in the event of a hard bump or light crash

Here is what it looks like after we got everything all welded up and on. It fits nice and snug underneath the front bumper

Also got to do the the Trunk lid pins since it has no way of latching now since the middle has been cut out.

Today me and my buddy got the frame support cross bar installed on the front.

After we started the mock up for the intercooler and upper support brace for the front bumper. Going to make brackets so its a bolt on deal. Hoping to have the front end wrapped up this weekend.

Got the front end all finished up today. Looks like a football helmet lol. Alot of time went into this with all the measuring and fabbing. Gonna clean everything up so i can paint it next. These pix show eveything all tack welded. Everything is now welded up real good now.

Put the front end together today. Pain in the ass lining up the fenders with the hood lol!
Started by painting all the welds and grinded areas flat black.

Mounted the upper support brace and inter cooler.

Then put the bash bar on

Got the fenders and hood on with the hood pins.

Here is what it looks like minus the front bumper. I moved my power pipe into the protected area and away from the lower corner like usual. But now Bob Kurgan talked me into a blow thru setup. So this powerpipe setup will be gone.



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Nov 15, 2014
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Got back at it this past weekend.

Fabbed up the rear bash bar for the most part. Still plan on adding more support on some areas of the bar for a little more strength.

The bar itself came out perfect. About 2 inches from the back of the bumper inside and the sides are nice and snug and barely touch which i was going for. Will get some more pics in the next few days. Planning on finishing it up Wednesday night.

Tonight we got to finish up the welding on the rear bash bar. The plan is too add some gussets for some support and strength. Here is a better picture of the rear setup.

This weekend gonna do some cleaning up on all the cuts making everything straight and also removing the sound deadening in whats left in the trunk area lol!

Went to piece together my fuel system today. Getting rid of the poor 98 GT tank with SVT focus pump & KB boost-a-pump for a 12 gallon fuel cell with 2 Walbro inline pumps with stainless steel braided lines and AN fittings. Keeping it return style as well. Very pricey lol!

Just need to build my fuel cell box now.

Skipped the SVTP/LS1 meet today to make some progress on the car today.

Added gussets on the bash bar where it mounts to the plates and added some DOM tubing between the frame rails for added support and mounting purposes for the frame and box for the fuel cell.

Then we got to mounting up the rear radiator today. Welded in the lower mounts and left the top mounts bolt-in for removal/installing purposes.

Been super busy with other things. Got to cleaning up the wire harness up front finally and started routing the lower radiator hose around the engine threw the firewall. Gonna try to finish the routing this week.
Here are a few pix of the progress.

How are you planning on getting the necessary airflow to the radiator? I see you are putting in quarter window scoops and side scoops. Are these for the radiator? If so do you think/how do you know you will get sufficient airflow? And I'm guessing all the screens in the deck lid are for evacuating that air. If so, again, how do you know this will be sufficient enough to get the air out fast enough? Seems to me if all this isn't calculated, at least a little, that you might have cooling problems and aerodynamic inefficiencies, for lack of a better word. I'm not trying to be a pest, I'm genuinely interested because I'm planning on mounting a radiator in my Cobra somewhat unconventionally.

No worries. Yes the airflow will be directed through the custom one off quarter window scoops and side scoops. Everything is going to be sealed off air tight that way the airflow is efficient and consistent. If its one thing i did before i took on this project it was doing research and alot of it. Ive talked to alot of different people that have built or been around these rear radiator systems. One of the most important things is having an air tight path too the radiator with puller fans. The less cracks and gaps the better. If its air tight to the radiator it'll pull more air through. Ive seen these setups work when done right and even when not believe it or not. But i am going through the tough part of doing this right lol! Debating using little puller fans on the entrance of the scoop to help pull more air in to each duct. Seen it help alot so its an extra option.

As for evacuating the air out yes the trunk lid along with the open area behind the bumper. For drifting it wont effect the aerodynamics that much if thats is what your stating. In drifting we arent on an open course going 100+ mph to pass up cars or improve lap times. So with it open i know its not the best aerodynamically but that is not of any worries. If you go to an FD event and look at all the pro cars they are all very similar. Reason being they tend to smash up the rear bumpers/trunks often lol.

As for my setup today i mounted up the dual fan shroud setup with the new radiator today. Used the weather stripping type seal to make sure its air tight on the edges that way the air is pulled through efficiently and more consistent.

Installed my On3 coolant crossover delete today. Cleans up nicely, no more ugly coolant crossover tube that made it hard to check or add oil on the vortech.



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Nov 15, 2014
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Got alot of things done this weekend.

Plumbed my fuel lines

Cut part of the pinch weld on the firewall to make clearance for the radiator/bleeder cap and plumbed the radiator lines through the car. Everything is wrapped with heat tape as well.

Mounted up my power steering cooler and re connected it.

Mounted up the battery box for my Odyssey battery behind the passenger seat.

Mounted up my catch can/breathers

Also cleaned up some of my grounds and put new connectors on as well.

Installed my K&N filter and Turbosmart Big Bubba Sonic BOV finally. The pictures dont do it justice.

Also fabbed up a frame for the fuel cell today

And boxed the gaps on the rear strut tower brace and stitch welded it in.

Got on it tonight. Final radiator assembly installed and hooked up along with the fuel cell installed.

Its a tight fit with the rear strut brace, radiator/fan shroud and fuel cell.

Radiator from the front side, its going to be sealed and receiving air from the duct im making from the rear window area.

Finished putting the front end back together 100%

Finished the last of the coolant lines under the hood as well.

Finished installing the fuel pumps and return system. Just need to wire it up.

And my favorite part of the night, re-installing the rear bumper seeing how the back finally looks with the new setup.

Getting real close. Tomorrow(sunday) putting in a full day to finish up the wiring so i can fire this thing up. If i have time ill be starting the rear ducting as well. Stay tuned!


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Nov 15, 2014
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Spent the day wiring the car up. I hate wiring :bored:

So i made a home for my switch panel.

Installed the battery along with the wiring

And finished up the loose ends in the trunk which was mounting the coolant reservoir, wiring up the radiator fans, the fuel pumps, and the fuel cell vent tube.

Really close to firing it up. Hopefully tomorrow. All that is left is wiring up the slot style maf pig tail, adding coolant, pressure check the system, add ps fluid, and of course fuel.

Well tonight was going good then went bad real fast.

The bleeding for the trunk mounted radiator went well and holds pressure great.

Then I stumbled into what i thought was an electrical nightmare with the switch panel, turns out i found a 12v source wire that i missed hooking up. Good news is the the switch panel works now which means the fans work, the fuel pumps work but i now have a big fuel leak on my feed line, a cut in the line which im not sure how it happened.

Hopefully tomorrow i can get it fired up after i fix that leak...

Ahhh the joys of building a racecar...

Well tonight went good. me and my wife fixed the fuel line which had 2 cuts in it, idk how. But its fixed now. System checks went good. Fired it up and it sounds like a beast. Ran it for awhile in the driveway and it took awhile to get up to temp. Took it out for a road test and almost stalled it a few times because its been awhile since ive driven it with the welded diff lol! Road test went good. Funny too because i parked it after a few times up and down the side street and somebody called the cops, cop rolls up and was diggin the car lol!

Hitting the dyno tomorrow for Bob to retune it! Will get some video and pix.

So i was able to get the car to the dyno yesterday for the retune with Bob Kurgan.
It went better than expected lol! Super happy with the results as well. Car feels alot faster from the whp we gained but also i think the weight savings has alot to do with it as well. Slid the car in the back parking lot and it feels great. I cant wait to get it out to the track! Here is the video along with some pix.

Here is the dyno chart. Stock 4v Mach 1 motor with Vortech V3 Si-trim 3.33 pulley. Run 30 was the old setup which had 3.55 gears back in 2011. Runs 33 and 34 were the final back to back pulls with 4.10 gears that i now have in the car from yesterday. Timing is 14 degrees.

So i got the car done for the most part in time for the fabulous fords forever show. It got alot of attention and i mean alot. There was always people checking out the car every minute lol! Everybody loved it! Super happy i got it done in time for the show. But there is still work to be done.

How it was all day lol

Then a few pix i took after i got home



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Nov 15, 2014
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Been away from the car for awhile getting ready to move. Got some things to do before i can track it efficiently.
Need to finish the ducting for the radiator mainly. Open practice in 2 weeks im trying to make it out too if i can get this done.

As for other things i ordered up a set of Goddard's custom front lower control arms and his bumpsteer kit. This will be needed for my pursuit of more steering angle which means more sideways and will allow me to run 18x10's on the front as well for more front grip.

My new custom front control arms and bumpsteer kit are on their way finally lol! Got +2 on the length for more clearance. Just need to cut my spindles and ill have some big angle now.

Today i swapped out my SLP powerflo exhaust for SLP LM1 exhaust, yes its going to be really loud i know but im trying to even the loudness of my TurboSmart Big Bubba BOV vs My exhaust lol! Its a track car so i can get away with it lol!

Also started the install of my Goddard custom front drift control arms.

These with bring the wheel base out +2 inches for more angle, clearance, and camber. Also these have a forward offset setting as well.

Need to cut my spindles and inner tie rods before i install the bumpsteer kit next.

I guess you can say things are getting serious now. Maximum Motorsports Heavy Duty Torque Arm and TA Springs arrived today just in time for the weekend.

Also got my spindles back from my Tig fabricator. Shortened 1.5 inches that is gonna go nicely with my custom FLCA's. Quicker turning and more angle.

Finished the install of my custom front lower control arms and modified spindles.

Here is a before and after of the angle.


There is actually more angle to there to have but the tires hit the sway bar even with the 2 plus inches in wheel base we added, gonna be changing that for more clearance and then notch the k-member for clearance on the back side.

Put the car back on the ground today to get the full effect of how it sits. Looks like about 4.5-6 degrees of negative camber. Gonna get my camber tool and measure and adjust when it hits the track.

Started on my Maximum Motorsports subframe reinforcements today to beef up my Kenny brown subs for the Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm. Bad thing is i ran out of Argon 3/4 of the way through the job. The wire is almost out too so ill be making a trip for some more wire and argon for my welder tomorrow and hopefully wrap up the subframe reinforcements then the Torque Arm.

Finished my MM Torque Arm this weekend.

Today i started building the frame for the lexan and ducting for the rear mounted radiator.

Painted it all up flat black

And started lining it with the sheet aluminum, measuring, cutting, and test fitting etc. Hoping to finish this this week.

Finished up the rest of the ducting tonight and reinstalled my scott rod rear covers to clean it up nicely.

Ducting complete

A view from the inside of the car

Next on the agenda is installing lexan on the frame around the ducting. Depending how well this thing runs when i test i may add a scoop on top of the ducting to force feed more air to the radiator.

Started the lexan portion tonight. Lexan is a pain in the ass lol but my wife helped me measure, cut, and install this piece which still needs to have the bottom riveted still. Just got to late to finish it. Need to finish this piece and the 3 more to go. This Lexan is pretty tough, very time consuming as well.


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Nov 15, 2014
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Got too it today getting this lexan portion done. Thanks to my awesome wife for helping me out with this part, made things go alot smoother and it came out great! Left the bottom portion open for now to let air through since i always have the windows down when drifting, also flexed the corners on the top strip to create vents to let air out on each corner as well, so ill see how that works. Getting closer...

Took care of the coolant lines that run by the passenger seat. Used aluminum sheet over it and lined the under side and the outside with padding so its more comfortable for the passengers.

After i bought them a year ago i finally got around to installing my Scott Rod Fab door panels. They cleaned up nicely. Also tackled some small things like tacking my trunk pin studs and adding some rivets in the trim of the rear trim of the vent on the rear of the decklid.
Here is the door panels

Went to the "Mustang After Dark" car show last saturday night, show off the new setup before i hit the track this week.

Took 1st place in my class

Seen this picture today and was like whoa! lol! Probably gonna back it up some. Justin Pawlak was a guest judge along with KJ formerly of 5.0 mag for the car show. JTP measured it on the spot with his Iphone, negative 7-8 degress lol! Gonna definitely bring it back some. Was having issues with the coilovers clearing underneath and reason why i left it so negative. Gonna be fixed before i hit the track thursday.

Finished final prep of the car tonight getting it ready for Irwindale tomorrow. Loaded up all my wheels, jacks, jack stands tools etc. Had to install a last minute fire extinguisher tonight so i can run tomorrow.

So its been awhile since ive taken the car out drifting on an actual track. Im excited yet so nervous lol! But i cant wait. Irwindale tomorrow and Sideways Sunday in Lake Elsinore on Sunday.


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Nov 15, 2014
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Well Irwindale was tough today. Not gonna lie i was excited yet nervous today. The bank and concrete barrier is very nerve racking and intimidating as well lol! Felt like the pressure got to me today though. Having not drift for a year or in this car in a year was gonna be tough, learning the new setup was also hard. Started to get a feel going but had a few issues and the nail in the coffin was losing a front tire and bending the front strut.

Here is what happened on my last run when i lost the tire and bent the strut. Dont ask me how it happened lol...

So I was up till 130 am last night fixing the car from thursday night at irwindale. Got some Koni's and coilovers from a friend to use for sunday so i installed them and re aligned the car. Today started off great and didnt end so well. But im happy with what i seen in the car, the potential is great just need to fix and make some things better to keep from breaking. Today i broke the knuckle/spindle and snapped the hiem on the tierod. Was pretty ugly.

So that was the bad, i have a few things obviously i need to address.
Here is the good lol! The car handles fantastic, the steering angle is insane! Can get that reverse entry now lol!
My buddies are blowing up this picture on my FB because this is the most steering angle anybody has seen on an SN95. And there is more in there when change coilovers and clearance the sway bar and k member.

And here are the other ones enjoy!

Playing peek a boo lol

End of run watching the smoke trail clear up lol



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Nov 15, 2014
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Found a few more pix from sunday. Love the way the car looks.

Well here are the damaged parts from last weeks track sessions. Only thing missing is the broken knuckle/spindle which has already been fixed.

Its been a minute since ive last updated. Been going through some changes in life and ive been working on everybody elses cars but my own. I have an open practice event coming up on the 14th so it time to finally get her back together. So i got back on it this weekend. Got my spindle/knuckles fixed and redone. picked up some Bilstien Shocks and struts for the front and also rear. Installed those and replaced my bent inner tierod and broken outer hiem joint. Adjusted the LCA's some more as well.
Picture courtesy of my wife lol!

Also noticed how bad my coilovers were hitting the upper inner wall so i clearanced them and that issue is solved, planning to add some reinforcement around where i cut once i clean it up.

Also did some cutting of the k Member as well since the tire was rubbing at full lock. Planning to add some material around the edges to reinforce it as well.

In preparation for my next track day friday i finished up the suspension and wheel clearance the other night finally. Clearanced everything that could be a tire rubbing issue. The k member trimmed and relocated the sway bar back with some old school MM sway bar relocation brackets which are normally used for forward offset a-arms. I just flipped them around so it moved the sway bar backwards instead.

And now here is the steering angle i have at full lock with tons of room between the tires and k-member on the back and plenty of room between the tires and sway bar up front. These are my 18x9 Saleen wheels with 265/40/18's off of my daily that i used for testing purposes. I normally run a 245 or 255 up front. So if it cleared this bigger setup i know its good to go.

Took my car out to the track last night for an open practice event.

I got a ton of seat time. Got to really feel the car out real good as well. The car has a ton of front grip and a ton of rear grip which made it easy to put it where i wanted and if i made a mistake easy to correct. I gave out alot of ride alongs as well. I myself didnt get any pix or videos but i have a few friends that did so when i get some i will post them.

Now for the bad. It just wouldnt be a perfect night with out breaking something right? Towards the end of the night i came hot out of the hairpin and into the straight and BOOM my wheel sheared all my moroso studs off and did some damage. The wheel went towards the pits/staging lanes and almost took out the staging guy. It was alot of fun getting it on the trailer thankfully we had a winch. We got the car home and i pounded out the studs while the car was still on the trailer. I threw in some stockers for now so i could put the wheel on and drive it off. Im going to get some ARP studs and call it a day. Other than that im happy with the progress we made and cant wait to get back out there.

And here is some more damage i found
Oct 1, 2014
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New York
awesome thread, can you share more info on the dual caliper setup. interested in mocking one up in the future for my drift build

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