1. Bendthebar

    New member. Need suggestions

    Hello, I know this has been discussed many times before. I’ve searched for weeks and couldn’t find anything semi related to my issue. 1995 Mustang GT 97 explorer engine Anderson n-41 cam 75mm throttle body New fuel tank, sending unit, new fuel tank harness Aeromotive 340 pump New dizzy, 3...
  2. B

    Dakota Digital Speedo Interface

    Hey y'all, I got my first SN95 about a month or so back and the speedometer doesn't work for it. Come to find out, the guy previous had put in an 01 GT manual transmission that has a magnetic speed sensor. I've since replaced the sensor, but that didn't change anything. I picked up a Dakota...
  3. ForeverDriven

    1997 Mustang GT, Coyote Swap.

    Here is my supercharged coyote swap! 5spd T45 (poor thing is still holding on somehow), Cervini Stalker kit draped in the newer Deep Impact Blue. Sadly still has some issues to work out, like a pulsing vibration at higher speed that drives me nuts, but she's perfectly road worthy and fun as hell!
  4. Monday

    Power Windows

    96 vert gt power everything. My problem is the same one which has been asked at all pony forums I am a participant in. I have seen no analogous problem, so I recorded it malfunctioning, then starting to work, then stop – start – ablahblah. I have replaced the switch, and it still malfunctions...
  5. Monday

    Another Brake Question...

    OK, I going to be honest for a moment. I currently have a pretty awesome Pony. I have tried to make the build as cheap as possible; Open Box; FB, and get myself the tools – all of them – so I wouldn’t have to get (and really pay for – 100$ an hour at most shops, more at a few) Professional...
  6. Monday

    Question for you Vert People

    I have looked and cannot find a post that was discussing/recommending a protectant/restorer; I need something other than 'RVP' for my roof. Can someone tell me what they have found to be the best product for their convertible roof? Thanks...
  7. ZED

    1998 Mustang GT convertible top off track

    i have been trying everything to get this thing to lock in. its literally like an inch away from being back on track. its a bit crooked. someone plz help!
  8. FastballRacing

    ON3 Turbo Kit Complete Install

    ** ALL PICTURES POSTED IN COMMENTS - IM OVER MY FORUM WORD COUNT ** My Mechanical Experience: 24 Years Old Novice, Have only installed basic Bolt Ons. Decided to Jump Straight into this. Day 1 - Teardown Down: Removed Hood Removed Front Bumper Removed Crashbar Removed Cold Air Intake Removed...
  9. S

    shifter goes into gear but no movement

    ok so I was cruising down the highway in 5th gear when all of a sudden I had no more power seemed like i was in neutral. So I tried downshifting and again clearly in 4th gear but no response from the rear wheels when I give it gas. So after rolling to the shoulder of the freeway i had to stop...
  10. S

    Mustang turns off

    I got a 1995 mustang gt runs good but recently just randomly started turning off but it doesn’t misfire before it turns off, it doesn’t overheat if anyone knows why could y’all let me know
  11. F

    Fox vs SN95 Header Differences

    Does anyone know the difference between Fox and 94/95 Headers? I thought it was the EGR bung, but then found out Fox has them too. I have a set of Hooker Super Comp headers listed as Fox, but they look just right and fit fine on the 94/95 cars.
  12. Y

    Stock fuel pressure regulator on Aftermarket fuel rail?

    Hey, so I just purchased a set of Edelbrock fuel rails for 94-95 mustangs. Is it possible to use the stock fuel pressure regulator or should I use an aftermarket one? Thanks
  13. 9

    Rough/Choppy idle and slight miss

    Alright I have a 96 GT that’s completely stock other than a CAI and straight piped off-road x pipe. I’ve had this issue for the past 2 months and cannot figure it out. The car will almost always start up just fine and make it about a block down the road and then as soon as I let off the gas and...
  14. T

    When car starts stays at 1500 rpms then when I shut off after started won’t start

    I have replaced distributor replaced ccrm checked all fuses all wires no vacuum leaks have checked everything I possibly can and sometimes my fan and fuel pump would randomly turn on when the key is on So I am thinking my ecu is the suspect so I took it apart and everything looks fine except...
  15. essenn95

    T5 Interchangeability

    Hey guys, this is my first post on this forum and my first time ever actually posting on any forum, so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know. I'm having a pretty serious issue with my 2000 V6 Mustang T5's extension housing seal leaking quite a bit of fluid, which is then dripping onto...
  16. S

    Seat Part Help - Gas Strut

    I have an electronic seat for a 96 Cobra that had the up/down motor burn out. Upon replacing the motor it appears that the motor burned out because the gas strut is mechanically frozen. I've searched but have not identified a suitable replacement or Ford part number. Anyone else ever deal...
  17. J

    94 GT Barn Find HELP!!!

    I recently purchased a 52K mile 94 Mustang GT from an old man. The car sat for about three years due to him no longer being able to drive stick. This will be my weekend cruiser, but I plan to add 373 gears and a mild exhaust in the coming year. My questions are: 1. What brand of oil and filter...
  18. Will Rey


    Hey guys I’ve literally tried everything to get my mustang to run. So I’ll fill you guys in to see if I missed anything. I bought a 1996 Mustang 3.8 with a 4.6L swap. The day I went to buy the car the guy dropped it on his jack trying to put the tires back on and dented the oil pan. But I still...
  19. Matthew Vaudrin

    Gulf Oil inspired Rally car Mustang build

    Hey everyone, Matt AKA Rumbuilder here, to share something a little different. This is my 1995 GT I'm turning into a budget rally car. I'm vlogging the whole process. So I hope you enjoy my trials and tribulations, and some sweet sideways action in the dirt. Let me know what you think, and...

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