2000 GT Convertible Windshield Header weatherstrip replacement?

Discussion in 'Exterior and Interior' started by heffe2001, Mar 20, 2014.

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    After I get my car painted, I'm going to work on replacing some seals. The main seal I'm looking for is the one that runs along the top of the windshield and down the a-pillars for the convertible top. I can find one for the '01-04 models, but everybody says the one for my 2000 is discontinued.

    I checked with Latemodel, and they tell me the seal for the 01+ cars is different from the 00-down, but on CJ Pony parts, the saem part there says it's for 9/18/2000+ cars. Mine was producted in 07/00, but the seal sure LOOKS like what they have there.

    Does anybody know the difference between the two, know where I can get the 'proper' seal still in stock, or have used the newer seal in an older car (and what did you have to do to make it work).

    The previous owner used rattle can paint to touch up the metal panel between the windshield and the convertible top, and got overspray all over that seal, and it's definitely seen better days. I'd love to replace it with new but just don't know where to get it...