For Sale Misc forged 4.6 parts, tail lights, billet interior pieces, etc


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Mar 10, 2011
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Akron, Ohio
Im selling a couple items that Ive acquired over the past couple years. I planned on building a motor that has been put on the back burner, so I want to get rid of this stuff.
First up is a remanufactured forged Cobra crankshaft from ModMax. It was repaired on the snout because the keyway broke. I have a new keyway for it that would need to be cut to length. The journals are polished and are standard size, they did not need to be undersized. I have a set of main and rod bearings for an aluminum block that I can include for additional cost. Im asking $500 PICK UP ONLY for the crank and $600 with bearings:

Link to Modmax:

Next up are a set of Modmax forged H beam rods. They have the ARP 8740 bolts. Looking to get $350 shipped:

Link to Modmax:

Last is a Cobra throttle body. This was on an intake that I bought a while back and I already have a throttle body, so I don't need this. Everything operates fine, no play in the throttle shaft. It has some black paint on it from a prior paint job. Asking $50 shipped:

1 set of 99-04 tail lights that have been professionally smoked. Looking for $120 shipped: SOLD

UPR billet interior pieces. Im selling this stuff all together, I don't want to break it up, so its all or nothing fellas. Included are large and small cup holder bezels, slim A/C knobs, solid door handle pulls, headlight knob, and a plastic radio knob cover. Asking $120 shipped:


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